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14 February 2009 @ 10:42 am
[s'gaw karen] • References  
I'm going to be tutoring some Karen (ethnic minority in Thailand and Burma/Myanmar) refugees in the next coming months, so I figure that it'd be a great opportunity to learn Karen. There are two main forms of Karen, S'gaw Karen and Pwo Karen. S'gaw Karen is the primary language, and it's mutually unintelligible with Pwo Karen; however, those who speak Pwo can generally speak S'gaw as well, since it is the primary language.

I'll be tackling the alphabet first (which is based on the Burmese alphabet) before going on with spoken Karen. I'll be tutoring a girl in English for maybe half an hour weekly, and she'll be my S'gaw Karen conversation partner.

Joshua Project: Karen, S'gaw of Thailand Ethnic People Profile – Just an overview of the people with a focus on religion.
Burmese/Myanmar script and pronunciation – Yay Omniglot!
Karen Konnection – An all-purpose website with information on the Karen people, as well as a basic overview of their language.
Refugees from Burma: Their Backgrounds and Refugee Experiences (CAL publication) – Includes a more linguistic overview of the language, though still severely lacking. Can people use IPA already?!
Drum Publication Group – Speak Karen – Very basic overview.
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