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11 November 2009 @ 10:48 am
[中文] • A single line of a song  
This lyric more or less sums up my feelings right now:

          —冷酷仙境 (Cold Fairyland),「愛」

It seems deceptively easy to understand, but it's being a bitch to translate. If I translated it word-by-word, it would come out to "Love is a dream, an impossible dream in the midst of a legend." But that doesn't quite capture the meaning of the quote, particularly the "傳說" part. "傳說" is complex semantically—it means "legend, folklore, tradition" but also captures "it is said; they say that..." It's also both a noun and a verb, and, for me at least, the part of speech that it occupies in that lyric is ambiguous. Love could be an impossible dream in the middle of a legend/myth, or it could be a legend/myth itself that's being told. Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but that's what my hazy Chinese skills are getting me to.

For the context, the song is on an album about the journey of a bride; the band's given translation for the album name is "Bride in Legend". Hence why I'm leaving the first option as a possibility.

For the curious, here's a link to a download of the song: click me! Enjoy.
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