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[Solresol] • Resources

I just discovered Solresol, and I think that it's particularly interesting because it's based on the Solfege musical scale. The references for it seem to be less complete than those for Eaiea, though, which I'll describe in the next post.

Encyclopedia entries and overviews:
Wikipedia entry on Solresol
Omniglot page on Solresol
Indopedia page on Solresol
Langmaker page on Solresol
Langmaker discussion page on Solresol

Comprehensive pages:
Solresol - French page on Solresol. Dictionary includes roughly 15,000 words in Solresol.

Solresol Yahoo! Group

Island of Misfit Patterns - Includes a pattern for Solresol bags and a couple of vocabulary words.
List of links on Solresol - Many are, unfortunately, defunct.
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